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Passionate. Motivated. Strong.

Welcome to your fitness family.

Health & Fitness

about Lauren.

Communications professional by trade. Fitness professional by passion. 

Perfectionist. A type-A creative, always looking for an outlet for expression. 

A skilled communicator. My parents tell me I never had a first word. I just started speaking in full sentences.

Still in recovery from years in the hospitality industry; I am a people-pleaser through and through. 

Go-getter. “I can’t,” is not in my vocabulary. There is always a way. 

a commitment to Fitness.
A commitment to you.

I've made a life-long commitment to fitness. I have a vast background in, and knowledge of, a number of fitness programs. I'm a licensed Zumba® and STRONG by Zumba® instructor. I am a certified Advanced Group Fitness and Bootcamp instructor, and certified to teach Spin©. My love of music and dance translates into my fitness routines, making classes fun and inspiring. When I'm not working out, you can usually find me at a local winery, walking my dogs, or listening to music (mostly putting routines together!)


- Spinning®

- Zumba®

- STRONG Nation™

- Advanced Group Fitness & Bootcamp

- Certified Nutrition Coach

Join me in a workout! I offer A TON OF LIVE classes every week, plus unlimited pre-recorded classes! 

My Monthly Fitness News

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