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June 2020

Circuit Training…. Burn those calories!

The Value of Circuit Training The “circuit” in circuit training comes from the fact that you do a sequence of exercises back to back to back, and then you repeat the sequence. And then again. You cycle through the planned sequence of exercises, or circuit, multiple times. That’s circuit training. Generally you hit each major muscle group during one full circuit. You may do lower body for one exercise. Then… Read More »Circuit Training…. Burn those calories!

Fitness Community

Fitness Community While your fitness pursuits can certainly be a solo affair, there’s one aspect that can be a determining factor when it comes to the consistency with which you move your body, and the longevity of your endeavors: finding a sense of community. Beyond fitness goals, community allows us to find a sense of belonging. It’s what can support us through some difficult moments — in or out of… Read More »Fitness Community