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Lauren Hanan Fitness Testimonial: Amy McCardell

LH Fitness came into my life during the COVID-19 breakout – but the owner I have known for a while. Lauren Hanan, who started LH Fitness, inspired me to get in better shape and take better care of myself. While I was at my current gym, we met during workouts and became good friends. Over the course of our friendship she took the fitness plunge and became an instructor – starting out with Zumba, moving to Strong Nation then Cycling and other teaching fitness aspects. Lauren has a special quality about her which she takes her energy, positive spirit, motivation and dedication and throws them into hard workouts that are fun – plus you burn calories!  She works with everyone and displays easy to follow directions on her routines for those who are new. Even I still follow her cues at times as I even forget. You cannot get out of one of her classes without burning less than 300 calories, being sweaty and feeling energized and accomplished.

In March of 2020 when the virus hit we were all thinking, “What are we going to do, where are we going to work out or what fitness videos do we want to do?” Since Lauren loves to work out and share her workouts as an instructor, she decided to put this into videos. When I heard about LH Fitness I jumped on board because when I take her classes they are structured but fun, she has a wide variety of classes that are available to take anytime you want. Working from home and then trying to workout became difficult but knowing that LH fitness gave me the opportunity to work out on my own time helped me re-structure my life again. At this point the only thing missing was seeing people and having the personal interactions we were all used to.

Well LH Fitness changed that. In addition to the pre-recorded workouts there became live zoom classes which fulfilled the personal interaction void. The Zoom classes are exceptional and there are ones for all areas, and you get the chance to see and your classmates and meet new ones. To have an instructor that knows you, what you are capable of, pushes you and cares about your goals and accomplishments help make a good instructor.

In addition to the live classes and pre-recorded classes, Lauren has expanded on her weekly health and fitness newsletter. The newsletter, which outlines her schedule for the week, also provides fitness tips, recipes and self-help tips. I look forward to this newsletter every week to see what is being discussed. I have taken the tips and articles and put them to use, but I have not tried any recipes yet (Sorry Lauren) but I will.

At the end of June I had surgery and was very upset by the fact that I would not be in LH fitness classes -since I look forward to them every day and it has become part of my routine  During the time I was recovering I felt lost I was missing something that I enjoyed ( working out with Lauren) and feeling the inspiration, positivity and motivation that she throws out.

I came back from surgery and instantly started working out again but with LH fitness guidance. I started out slowly and I’m now starting to rebuild my strength. There is never any pressure to push yourself beyond your means just to push yourself to where your limits are safely. I am over a month from surgery and starting to feel stronger and better.

If you have not taken a LH Fitness class you need to do this. I got one of my previous co-workers to join and she loves these classes and takes them all the time and today she feels great and starting to feel better about herself.  At this point (end of July), we are still not back to work and do not think we will for a while due to COVID-19, I find myself re-thinking about going back into the gym (right now my decision is no). What I know for a fact is that when I recoup the dues from my gym I am going to sign up for an annual subscription with LH Fitness. It is worth every dollar and more.