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Fitness Community

While your fitness pursuits can certainly be a solo affair, there’s one aspect that can be a determining factor when it comes to the consistency with which you move your body, and the longevity of your endeavors: finding a sense of community.

Beyond fitness goals, community allows us to find a sense of belonging. It’s what can support us through some difficult moments — in or out of the gym — help inject a sense of fun in our day, and remind us of something essential: we’re all in this together.

In recent times, a fitness community may seem like a distant memory. But it doesn’t have to be!

When the quarantine was first enforced, I found myself going through a lot of emotions. I was feeling depressed.
My daily routine had been flipped upside down.
I went from socializing with tons of people every week. Touching people I truly cared about. Watching the smiles on my students’ faces as I made my signature goofy faces and crazy comments as I teach my classes.

So you know what I did?
I started recording myself working out.
Then I created an online fitness membership… it was bare bones at first. But now….
I have over 30 subscribers! I teach nine classes per week… and each of those classes has an average of 10 attendees.

** UPDATE: I now have over 50 subscribers, I have two additional instructors, and together we teach 16 classes per week!!**

I’ve built a new COMMUNITY!
And it’s not just my old gym crew… we are growing our circle!
We are able to see each other every day – and I allow for some conversation after each class as well.

So, I urge you to try it. Join my community. Try a class.

Check out my schedule here. 

You can try one free class just to see what it’s like, just email me