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Hello Fitness Friends!

Stop making excuses and start making changes

Class Schedule

If you are not yet a MEMBER of LH Fitness,
you can click the link below to book a class: 

Monday: Zumba® - 3pm 
Tuesday: Strength & Stretching - 7am
Tuesday: STRONG Nation® - 12pm

Wednesday: Strength & Core - 10am
Wednesday: Zumba® -  12pm
Thursday: Zumba® - 10am
Thursday: Cardio Sculpt - 5pm
Friday: CoreWorks - 7am 
Friday: Zumba® with Fran - 9am
Friday: STRONG Nation® - 10am
Saturday: Zumba® with Fran - 9am
Saturday: Buns 'N Guns - 10am
Sunday: Zumba® with Fran - 9am
Sunday: Spinning® @ Northeast Cycle - 8:30am
LIVE BROADCAST ---> Sunday: Spinning® @ Northeast Cycle - 9:30am

And if you are already a subscriber, you can access links for classes here! 

36 Ways to Change Your Life for the Better

There was a time in my life, believe it or not, that I just felt unhappy. I felt as if the world was out to get me. I felt depressed, scared, alone.... you name it.

Personally, I was going through a divorce, recovering from an unhealthy relationship, being bullied at work. I felt as if I was spiraling... 

It took a lot of self reflection to realize that I was the cause of some of my negativity - and if I didn't make a change in my behavior and my attitude then nothing was going to get better. 

I made a decision to focus on healing myself - instead of running from my fears and insecurities I was going to go at them - head on! 

And so now, six years later, I am truly happier than I've ever been, more fulfilled than I've ever been, stronger than I've ever been. I am a better person. I found true love from someone else, and for myself. And I deserve it!

So, just in case any of you are finding yourselves in a rut - maybe you're feeling down and unsure of yourself - I thought I would share this simple list of some ideas that may give you that kick in the butt that you need to turn your frown upside down! :) 


Spice Up Your Salad! 

One of my clients recently told me that she and her husband were making a conscious decision to eat healthier. She said they had recently started to eat more salads. But, there was one problem. Salad can get.... boring. 
Here is eight different ways that you can spice up that salad and keep things interesting. From adding texture, to throwing in a pop of fresh herbs, there are a ton of ways you have a fresh salad creation every day of the week! 

Be Kind to Yourself

Stress and other negative emotions can produce damaging effects on the body, decreasing the immune response and increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammation. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are connected to physical health and well-being.

A crucial ingredient in emotional health is self-compassion, which we think of as the basic practice of treating yourself with acceptance, kindness, and gentleness—much as you would treat another person you care deeply about.

Northeast Cycle is Open and Poppin' Off!!! 

7.19: Reggae/ Island
7.26: Vegas Baby! 

BIG NEWS!!! The LH Fitness Family is Expanding! 

Francine Fielding: Zumba® Instructor

Fran will be teaching Zumba® every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning at 9am! Filling the Zumba® void for all of you amazing Zumba® lovers! 

Natasha Crayton: VXN Instructor 

Natasha will be teaching the VXN Workout every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. So now, all of you working mamas have time to get home, feed your family, AND get a workout in! 

EVEN DOGS LOVE LH FITNESS! Check out this cute clip of my client's pup enjoying the workout! <3

Let's Do This! 

**First class is FREE!**

$19.99 PER MONTH

STRONG Nation™
Strength & Core
Cardio Sculpt
Buns 'N Guns
Stretching & Strength

In addition to absolutely loving fitness and health, I am also a marketing/ communications professional. I specialize in communications strategy, event planning, and creative concept/ design. Check out my website to learn more! 
Do you have a song you'd love to hear in class? Or maybe a tip for other valuable information I should include in this newsletter? Email me! 

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