08.09.2020 Fitness Newsletter


Hello Fitness Friends!

"It takes no more time to see the good side of life
than to see the bad." 

- Jimmy Buffett

Class Schedule

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** Please note CoreWorks will be held at 9:00am, Zumba® will be held at 9:45am tomorrow! And No Spinning® tomorrow**

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LH Fitness Member Spotlight: 

Erin Schoenfeldt

"You were my first class one year ago this weekend and I wanted to DIE for like a week after. I’m so glad I stuck with it!
Thanks for all your motivation!!!" 

The first time I heard from Erin was this past February. She had been taking my classes at Northeast Cycle for about six months and I had definitely noticed a change in her body and endurance. But when she sent me this screen shot of her progress from her first class as compared to her six month mark -  I was amazed. I was proud. I was honored! 

She sent me a note that said: Loving your class! I feel so much stronger! 💗 Erin

I have to say, I really really missed my Northeast Cycle friends in quarantine. I was so happy that Dana decided to open the studio again - and even more excited to see the great people that workout there. Erin was definitely one of them! 

So, today she informed that exactly one year ago was her first class. After her first class she wanted to die.... but she stuck with it... and today she is stronger. She is leaner. She has more stamina. She is an amazing woman. Today, she reached her highest rank in class EVER. I am so proud of her and I am proud of the part that I played in getting her to where she is today! 

Congratulations Erin! 

*If you're interested in being spotlighted, feel free to reach out. I can't wait to share your stories with everyone!*

8 Ways to Stay Healthy

Sleep: Not getting enough sleep is associated with increased hunger, higher blood sugars, poor concentration, frequent illness and impaired problem-solving. Make sure to give yourself at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
Stay hydrated: Water is the perfect way to keep hydrated and keeps appetite in check. Add a splash of flavor with fruit juice or fresh cucumbers, lime slices or fruit. Be creative.
Add Fiber: Vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains are rich in fiber. Fiber helps you stay full, so you are less likely to eat mindlessly. Strive to eat at least 25 g of fiber a day.
Limit added sugars: Try and eat less than six teaspoons of added sugar (this does not include natural sugars found in fruit and milk). This goal may not be realistic every day but aim for success 80% of the time. Save your six teaspoons for a special dessert. When looking at labels, it is helpful to know that one teaspoon equals four grams of added sugar.
Keep an eye on alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol can lead to unintended outcomes. Studies show that we make poorer food choices if we have alcohol in our system. A serving of alcohol contains about 100 calories and mixed drinks have even more. The goal is to limit alcohol to one drink a day for women, two drinks a day for men.
Stay active: The stay-at-home orders might have put your exercise plans to the test. Make an exercise goal and stick to it
Enjoy the weather: Studies show that when people venture into outdoor settings, heart rate and blood pressure improve. Take a moment to appreciate being outdoors.
Gratitude: Find a moment each day to reflect on a few things that brought you joy or good feelings. Being grateful and positive can help you thrive in a healthy life.

No Time For Fitness

One of the biggest excuses I hear from clients is that they don't have time for fitness. Guess what? 
And guess what else? 
Although, I'd love to see all of you at my classes each week, I understand that time can be a limitation. And if my pre-recorded workouts aren't what you looking for... here is a quick TABATA workout you can try! 

August 16: Sound of Summer

LH Fitness Needs an Intern! 

I am looking for an intern to assist with:
Blogging, updating the event calendar, event planning and social media. 
WANTED: A responsible young adult (high school or college student). I need someone who is looking to learn and grow. A student who is not afraid to offer new ideas and who can be held accountable. 

Today I Became a Godmother to Sweet Baby Nora! 

Let's Do This! 

**First class is FREE!**

$19.99 PER MONTH

STRONG Nation™
Strength & Core
Cardio Sculpt
Buns 'N Guns
Stretching & Strength

In addition to absolutely loving fitness and health, I am also a marketing/ communications professional. I specialize in communications strategy, event planning, and creative concept/ design. Check out my website to learn more! 
Do you have a song you'd love to hear in class? Or maybe a tip for other valuable information I should include in this newsletter? Email me! 

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