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** Please note VXN is canceled this week. I will teach a 30 minute Zumba® class instead on Tuesday @ 5:30pm**

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LH Fitness Member Spotlight: 

Emily Patton

Emily and hubby when we first met, 12 years ago

Emily and Rob now! 


Simply put: We met at a bar. Literally. 12 years ago. 

My friend owned a bar on South Street. And Emily's now-husband worked there. It was our own little version of CHEERS back then. Lots of memories were made. And, Emily found her husband!
It's probably been about 10 years since I've seen Emily in person. And we were able to connect at my LIVE Zumba® class a few weeks ago!
It's great that we've stayed in touch all these years, and even better that we've become closer through LH Fitness! 

I asked Emily to answer a few questions for her spotlight,
and here's what she had to say! 

How do you know Lauren? 
I met Lauren... oh a mere 12 years ago, in a cute little bar on South Street in Philly, same place I met my husband! and it's all history from there!

Tell us more about YOU! 
I work full time for a jewelry company, have 2 amazing kids, Tommy, 8 and Ms. Frankie, 4. My husband and I bought our first house about 2 years ago and have really enjoyed a lot of DIY'ing during quarantine. 

How did you hear about LH Fitness? 
I have followed Lauren throughout the years, via social media, having seen Lauren's journey with teaching and fitness, I saw that she had made the leap, and started out on her own! 

What has been a milestone you've achieved?  
My proudest milestone is how consistent I have been. As a self proclaimed "non- workout" person, the fact that I set my clock, get up and have stayed at it is so amazing to me. And says so much about Lauren; the format of the live zoom calls, Lauren's amazing motivation and incredible playlist of music, has all just clicked for me and I'm so excited to see what more I can achieve!
What motivated you to join LH Fitness?  
Well, I fell victim to the quarantine 15. And it honestly felt like I was gaining weight in my sleep. I didn't like that all my clothes were uncomfortable... even the sweatpants ( yikes) and I knew I needed to make a change. 

What is your favorite class? 
It's hard to pick a favorite.... but it would be a toss up between Zumba and the Vixen workout - I love to dance!

What has been the best thing about LH Fitness? 
The best thing about LH fitness, aside from getting healthy and feeling better, has been meeting and getting to know all the other members/ lovely ladies! Lauren has created such a fabulous community - we are all in this together!  

What do you hope to achieve?  
I want to hit my goal of losing 10 lbs and I would love to feel comfortable enough to rock a bikini again! 

"I just want to say thank you for kicking my butt, almost daily. And thank you for keeping me accountable and helping to change my bad habits into good ones!" 

*If you're interested in being spotlighted, feel free to reach out. I can't wait to share your stories with everyone!*

8 Carb Myths Debunked

While many people limit carbs (Think: keto or low-carb diets), they’re an essential macronutrient. Cutting back on carbs too drastically can lead to low energy levels and cause you to overeat.

In reality, carbs don’t need to be the bad guy. When you prioritize healthy, whole-food sources of carbs like whole-grain bread, brown rice and potatoes, you feel satiated thanks to the fiber content and possibly experience fewer cravings for sweets.

Nutrition pros outline the things they wish everyone knew about carbohydrates, debunking some major myths in the process.

12 of the Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Whether you’re looking to lose a lot or a little weight, exercise is an important component of any weight-loss plan. But not all workouts are created equal when the goal is shedding pounds. Ahead, trainers rank their favorite research-backed workouts for weight loss.

But before we dive in, there are a few important facts to note.

Weight loss and fat loss are different: Many people say they want to lose weight, but most of the time, what they really mean is that they want to lose fat. This is an important distinction, because some workouts that help with fat loss — like strength training — may cause weight gain in the form of muscle. That might seem like it defeats the purpose of trying to lose weight, but the opposite is actually true. Adding muscle mass to your frame increases metabolism, which can help you lose fat and keep it off long-term.

Exercise isn’t the only factor in fat loss: Working out is important for your health, and it can help with fat loss. But ultimately, fat loss is determined by whether or not you’re in a calorie deficit. In other words, your “calories in” needs to be less than your “calories out.” This means that if you’re working out but not paying attention to what you eat, exercise alone may not be enough to achieve results.

Consistency is key: While some forms of exercise burn more calories than others and some may offer post-workout calorie burn, the best workout for weight loss for each individual person depends on what they’re able to do consistently.

Let me break this down for you. LH Fitness offers classes that cover more than half of the best exercises for weight loss. Also, DANCE should DEFINITELY be on this list! 

1. Body Weight Workouts (STRONG Nation, CoreWorks, Tone + Sculpt)
2. Boxing (STRONG Nation) 
3. Circuit Training (Cardio Sculpt, Strength & Core) 
4. Cycling (Spinning®)
5. HIIT (STRONG Nation, Buns n' Guns) 
6. Jump Rope
7.  Rowing
8. Running
9. Strength Training (Strength & Core, Stretch & Strength) 
10. Swimming
11. Walking
12. Yoga

NEW CLASS: Tone + Sculpt

You have got to check out my newest class, Tone + Sculpt. Every Wednesday @ 5:30pm. This class is only 30 minutes and will torch calories and promote long, lean muscle. Last Wednesday was my first class and it absolutely kicked my butt!

Think: Barre workout (but more cheerleading than ballet) LOL! 

And, just in case you don't take my word for it, I've decided to share the link for last week's class for FREE! So, please try out this half hour workout! 

August 16: MTV's Total Request Live (90's - 00's) 

LH Fitness Needs an Intern! 

I am looking for an intern to assist with:
Blogging, updating the event calendar, event planning and social media. 
WANTED: A responsible young adult (high school or college student). I need someone who is looking to learn and grow. A student who is not afraid to offer new ideas and who can be held accountable. 

Lola and JJ now have their very own Instagram account! 
You can follow them here! 

Let's Do This! 

**First class is FREE!**

$19.99 PER MONTH

STRONG Nation™
Strength & Core
Cardio Sculpt
Buns 'N Guns
Stretching & Strength
Tone + Sculpt
VXN Workout

In addition to absolutely loving fitness and health, I am also a marketing/ communications professional. I specialize in communications strategy, event planning, and creative concept/ design. Check out my website to learn more! 
Do you have a song you'd love to hear in class? Or maybe a tip for other valuable information I should include in this newsletter? Email me! 

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