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Class Schedule
December schedule! 

Please take note of two schedule changes. Yoga will now be on Wednesday @ 9:00am and Stretch & Strength will take place on Thursday @ 7:00am. 

** Thursday STRONG Nation™ is canceled this week!!!**


Why I am Thankful in 2020

I see it every single day on social media: 2020 sucks. 2020 is the worst year ever. F*ck 2020. etc. etc. etc. 

But, you know what? I can't relate. 
Yes, 2020 has been a challenging year. Yes, we have lost loved ones, people have gotten sick, some have lost their jobs, virtual learning sucks, we can't travel, masks make me breakout, and the list goes on... 

Despite all of this, I can honestly say that I am THANKFUL for 2020. Without this whirlwind of a year, I would have never launched Forever FIT, I would have never built a website, and I wouldn't have become even closer with family and friends that I love. 

- 2020 gave me a new adorable niece
- We celebrated our first wedding anniversary
- I finally got to work from home (something I had wanted for years)
- I'm not wasting a ton of money on gas, tolls, and commuting in to Center City
- HOUSE PROJECTS!! We were able to complete so many projects that we had always wanted to do but never had time for
- I have formed relationships with people that I've casually known for years, but I now can say we are truly friends
- Mike and I have become closer and formed a stronger relationship 
- I've actually been able to see some friends MORE - whether virtually or in person, there now seems to be a little more time for spending time 
- Mike landed a full-time position that he LOVES! 
- I was finally able to start my own company, Forever FIT, and feel pretty successful
- I built myself a website, as well as three other websites for marketing clients
- I taught myself how to cut and dye my own hair
- Same goes for my nails - they are now a do-it-yourself project
- My cooking is on fleek! I now have time to cook and prepare healthy and nutritious meals almost every night of the week
- I get to spend more time with my pups (oh and we started an Instagram account for them @winkyandstinky if you're interested!)
- I've gotten even closer with my sister-in-law, and get to "see" my Mom multiple times per week during our Zoom workouts 
- I have met, and have the pleasure of seeing each day, some of the most dedicated and caring people. My Forever FIT community. YOU! 

I'm not saying that the pandemic has not been stressful. It has. It has been hard, it has required many pivots and a lot of creativity. My full-time job has changed drastically this year - but I find the challenge to be fun and interesting. 

So what's my point? 

It's really easy to sit and look at the negativity of the past year. It's easy to complain and say that certain aspects of this year have truly sucked. But, I challenge you to take a step back and make a list of some positive results of this year. What are you thankful for? 

The New Forever FIT Flyer! 

The flyer will be ready for distribution this week. Just in time for the winter weather, the recent gyms shut down, and the holiday season! A HUGE THANK YOU to Forever FIT member, Theresa Trapanese-Un for her amazing design skills and patience with me:) She totally nailed it!  
Some of my amazing clients have asked for a flyer to assist with promoting Forever FIT. Whether you live in an apartment building, know of a place for flyers at the laundromat, or can help some people at your place of worship, we've made it super easy to spread the word about Forever FIT. You can print the flyer out yourself, or I can send you a few copies. I'll send an email to members this week with instructions. 

5 Simple Tricks for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Many of us will probably agree that the holiday season is basically one big diet booby trap. It starts with Halloween candy, moves through the potato-and-pie extravaganza that is Thanksgiving, and ends with the cookie-and-booze fest that is Christmas. It's such a nutritional wreck that a lot of folks just give up entirely on the quest to eat healthy during the holidays. But dietitians agree that there is 100% a way to indulge in your favorite holiday treats without giving up all your nutrition goals for two months straight.

Let's take on this holiday season with a better mindset and hit it straight on! Here are some tips to stay healthy this season!

11 Healthy Omelette Recipes


And one of the best meals for brunch. Or lunch. or Dinner. Or Snacks..... is an omelette! 
Here are a few delicious recipes from all over the world to try! 

Forever FIT Cook Book

The Cook Book is out! There are 26 delicious recipes included here. And if you still want to submit a recipe just click below to send it to me. I can continue to update this cook book through the holiday season! 

Northeast Cycle @ Home

Forever FIT has partnered with Northeast Cycle to offer all virtual options! My cycling videos are now offered to at-home riders for a flat free of $39.99 for a three month access. 
You can join Forever FIT for full access to my online videos (cycling, HIIT, Strength, Zumba®, dance fitness, barre, yoga, and more) as well as 19 LIVE classes each week. Currently, the fee is $19.99 per month for an all-access monthly membership fee! 
3-Months of Cycling Videos

Forever FIT by Lauren Hanan

What is Forever FIT? It's a fitness program that is unlike others - Fitness: Individualized, Together. Forever FIT members receive individualized attention while at the same time growing as a fitness community. When you join Forever FIT, you are joining a fitness family support system, and I am the team captain. Each clients' needs and goals are individually addressed. If I haven't seen you in class for a while, you better expect a text or call! But, the more you show up the more you will realize that this is EXACTLY what you needed! Give it a try. Your first class is on me!

Forever FIT Offers Nutrition Coaching! 

If you are interested in learning more about balanced eating, maintaining health, and controlling some negative eating habits, join Forever FIT today! I am a certified Nutrition Coach! 
In addition to absolutely loving fitness and health, I am also a marketing/ communications professional. I specialize in communications strategy, event planning, and creative concept/ design. Check out my website to learn more! 
Do you have a song you'd love to hear in class? Or maybe a tip for other valuable information I should include in this newsletter? Email me! 

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